Staying in Touch

in isolation

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Office closures disrupt your business & life

The Coronavirus outbreak has transformed many organizations into fully remote operations almost overnight, but many businesses do not have the tools or training to accomplish this. It's okay, we are here to help.

Successful remote operations can incorporate:

  • Instant one-on-one video meetings

  • Daily team meetings

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Company-wide webinars


Where did everyone go?

Many organizations rely on a large audience to operate.  With everyone going into isolation you need a new way to reach out to your audience where they are.  We have easy to use solutions that do not require account or subscription driven access for your viewers.

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Don't leave your office empty

An empty office doesn't mean an empty workload.  We have already set up dozens of people to work remotely, most with the resources they already have.  We won't set up expensive, and potentially dangerous VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) connections to your sensitive company data.   We use the latest generation of technologies to quickly and securely get you access to your workspace just as if you were sitting at your desk.

Creating VPN's to allow access into your network can take a lot of time to do and are easily compromised placing you and your staff in a dangerous position.  We want to help everyone do it the right way and that includes you.

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Let me transfer you...

Great you managed to get everyone working safely in isolated spaces but how are you getting those important phone calls routed where they need to go?  How are you transferring calls to the right people while keeping their private numbers private?  

We have you covered.  

Let us give you: 

  • 4 months of FREE phone service
    • Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance
    • Unlimited Support
    • Latest and Greatest Phone System Features
  • 100% Waived Set Up Charges
 limited time offer

Update your handsets or go with a softphone

( Software Phone and headset on your computer )