Who leaked your email?

Here is how you find out who!

Need to sign up for a service or an account somewhere on the internet?  Tired of getting those annoying emails almost immediately after signing up but the emails for complete spam and not something you asked for?

Next time you need to sign up for anything create yourself a Gmail account and use the +String

The Trick

Gmail has this really interesting way of reading an email that makes it super simple for you to track who sells your email or has a breach. For example, If I were to want to sign up for an Xbox live account they require an email to be registered with the account right? So you sign up with your email:

[email protected]

Let's say that this is an actual account. When I signed up for xbox back in 2008 my inbox went from empty to full of spam in almost no time. I was quite sure that Microsoft had sold my information but I couldn't tell for sure. 

If you want to know for sure, all you need to do is add a "+string" to the end of your email when you sign up for the account or register the email. For example:

[email protected]

The email above goes to the same mailbox as before but in the address field, you will see what email it is addressed to. Gmail ignores the "+" and everything that comes after it but it will still appear in the address bar when you open the email. 

Now if you start getting spam emails sent to [email protected] you know that Microsoft has sold off your information.  With proof and enough public pressure, we can change these horrible practices by companies of selling off YOUR information. 

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