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Are you losing money on your lost productivity?

How long will you wait?

  • How long will you fight a printer problem before giving up? 

  • How long do you waste before your computer turns on?

  • How long did you spend looking for that document you scanned?

  • How long ago was that last back done?

  • How long did that last AntiVirus Scan take?

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A lot of studies have shown waiting on your computer is costing you more than you realize.

I have talked with nearly every one of my clients and gotten the same response. Most people I meet are more than excited once they find out I work in tech.  Sometimes their excitement is subdued while they work the conversation into a subject that can segway into their real question.  Other times their excitement is so overpowering they jump at the chance to ask a simple question.  

I began to realize most of the questions I get are basic "how do I do this" and "what do I do if this happens".  I love technology and am very passionate about it all.  I love teaching and sharing any chance I get.  Looking into the matter more it became clear that nearly every small business suffers one way or another with a lack of IT Support.  Not every business needs a fulltime IT Professional on staff but how much time have you wasted fighting a printer problem or spent researching things online and comparing products for things you have no idea about?  A little digging discovered some shocking numbers.

Just waiting on a slow computer can cost you big!

Control Numbers
10 Seconds saved per hour. (The Base Goal)
8 Hours in the average workday.

260 Average workdays.

Time Spent Waiting Per Year
10 x 8 x 260 = 20800 Total seconds saved per work year.
20800 / 60 minutes = 346.67 Minutes
Total = 5.78 Hours.5.78 Hours per computer saved a year with faster equipment
Employee Costs Per Day @ 33k a Year
$33,000 / 260 Work Days = $126.93 Per Day / 8 Avg Work Day = $15.87 Per Hour

Employee Cost Spent Waiting

5.78 hours total waiting for the year x $15.87 (Per Hour 33k Salary) = $91.73

Total Cost Of Employees Waiting On Their Computer For 10 Seconds A Day Over A Year

$91.73 Per Computer

Notes: All numbers and totals are subjective based on the control numbers.   Would you like to know more...

The average worker wastes 22 minutes dealing with IT-related issues. 

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So what do you do?

You can't afford to hire an IT Professional and that friend's kid who is good with computers is not a professional.  You can spend a lot of money having the wrong person do a job and all the unaccountable stress you will suffer from it.  Or you can hire the right professionals the first time.  

So what's the problem?

The problem is no one wants to open their wallet every time they make a phone call.  To ask a question to those professionals can cost too much to make it practical to ask them what the best printer would be to get.... hint it is a Brother Brand Laser Printer, you're welcome.  

It is obvious there is a problem in the struggling small business owners to get the IT support they need to succeed and make it something they can budget and afford.  That is where we come in at Finally Good IT.  We have a subscription IT model that allows you to turn that CapX ( Capital Expenditure ) into an OpX ( Operating Expenditure ).  Depending on the size of the office and resources being used you can subscribe, often-times for less than a typical service call, and get all those pesky questions and break fixes resolved.  It is like having a full time training IT Professional on staff all the time.  

What are you waiting for?

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