Integrations the easy way

Finally some integrations you can rely on for your niche needs.  

Trying to integrate?

Integrating software and hardware into your existing environment can be difficult. Often times our customers come to us because their vendor has given them some manual to follow for integrating.  

That is not the right way to help your customers.  

 Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

We handle the hard part!

Let us handle the technical parts and work with the vendors and support for you.  We already speak the language and are more than happy to work with everyone involved to make sure implementations and training go off without a hitch!

What is Integration?

Integration is the process in which we take 1 solution and make it seamlessly communicate, and work with another solution.  We have integrated billing systems, Metering solutions, Inventory Control Systems, Ticketing systems and so much more.   

Let us help you with your integration troubles.

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